Group trips on motorised electric scooters

Every day through the beautiful surroundings of Karlovy Vary, always from a prior determined point in the centre of town.

  • Company teambuilding events

10 electric scooters available, which we will deliver to a place of your choice.

  • Rent traditional kick scooters

Up to 50 available.

  • You burn 25–30 % more calories

On a scooter you burn more calories than you do walking or cycling, and you also strengthen your internal muscles.

  • Sore back?

Try riding our scooters. since there is an electric motor to help you, riding our scooters really is suitable for anyone.

  • Electrify your chosen scooter

We can electrify your chosen scooter or bicycle to order.

For further information and photos of trips, check out our Facebook page Kickscooters Karlovy Vary.

or by calling

+420 705 105 333